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Tim Sledge speaking to Greater Austin Oasis, a new secular community in Austin, Texas on the topic "Building Meaningful Connections in a Secular Community."Tim SledgeUSA1/30/202215
Ask an Athiest Hosted by John RichardsJohn Richards Interviews Tim SledgeGreat Britain5/15/202113
David Madison's Cure for Christianity Knockout Quote SeriesDavid Madison quotes Tim Sledge and eloquently elaborates in this under five minutes podcast..USA1/4/202010
Acclaimed Pastor to Ex-Christian (Part 1 of 3)Esther Dhanraj Interviews Tim SledgeIndia10/8/20201
Ostracism Against Non-Believers (Part 2 of 3)Esther Dhanraj Interviews Tim SledgeIndia10/15/20202
The Unethical Evangelists (Part 3 of 3)Esther Dhanraj Interviews Tim SledgeIndia10/22/20203
The Thinking Athiest PodcastSeth Andrews Interviews Tim SledgeUSA5/12/20207
Follow the Truth Wherever It LeadsClint Heacock Interviews Tim SledgeGreat Britain8/9/20196
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